Skinny Skin

Well the time has finally come.  I can’t wait any longer to find out about my loose skin and possibly having surgery.  So yesterday, I made my skin surgery consultation.  On April 14th, some doctor is going to look at me naked and he gets to judge in a 20 minute meeting whether I’ve done enough work to have it removed.  And it sounds…..terrifying.  So today, I’m going to just lay it out all out there for the whole world to see.

My Skin 

Part of the reason I didn’t lose weight sooner is because I didn’t want to know about my skin.  I knew I had done irreparable damage to my skin by carrying so much extra weight.  I also carried most of my weight in my stomach in a way that I knew would never shrink back.  Here we are, three years later, more than 150 pounds lost, and the skin……….it ain’t coming back.

There are lots of places that no one would ever know.  My arms and my legs are rarely noticed in regular clothes.  Every once in a while a student or small child will look at my aged stretch marks and think I’ve been burned at some point in my life.  I’m also thankful my face looks mostly normal.  Although the entire shape of my face changed, the skin seemed to have enough elasticity left to snap back.  Not all areas did this. 98% of the people I know or meet in the average day would never guess that I lost nearly 60% of my body weight.  There are very few people left in my life that have known me for my whole journey.  So most people don’t know.

Just the other day someone was talking to me about my weight loss and how good I look.  I made the usual comment: “Well it’s great to wear small clothes but you’d never want to see me naked.” Her response was the typical, “Who cares!  You look great!”

Answer: I DO.  I care.

Maybe no one else on the planet cares what I look like naked.   The husband has never once complained even though I think it’s gross.   Only a handful of people ever see me without clothes on, like at the gym when I weigh in,  but even there I’m in my bra and underwear which is a different story.  I feel confident down to my underoos around most people.  So that’s why I’m posting this photo.  I know that some weight loss stories post naked pics but this is the best I can do.  It still covers a lot of my biggest problem areas but gives you an idea:


My Reasons

I always planned on having skin surgery when my weight loss was complete.  There was a period of time when I thought I could just live with it.  In the past 6-12 months I’ve realized, 100% I want it off.  I still worry that it’s vain and that it’s selfish to have such an expensive surgery.  So again, I’ve made my reasons into a convenient list!

Weight Class

I recently had my first sanctioned fight in the ring as a boxer. Read about it here. I had to weigh in in my bra and underwear, which I’m pretty used to.  Read about that…. here! My weight class was 141.  I really struggled to get there but then during the stress and training the week before, I dropped too much weight.  I weight in at 136 on weigh in day.   This is not good.  You want to weigh in as close to the top of your class as you can.  When I stepped into the ring, I was down to 134 from the stress of the day.  So I fought against someone weighing at minimum 7 pounds more that me.  Plus I’m not accounting for my extra skin.  If my extra skin weighs, I don’t know, 8 pounds, my muscle mass and body composition is really that of someone who weighs in the 120s.  To box someone that is 141 when you’re more like 125?  That’s a huge difference and I could feel it in her punches.  So I have to go to the doctor and find out what is an appropriate weight for me to compete at and if it’s even really safe for me with all my extra skin.  If he says I have 10+ pounds of extra skin (seems unlikely) it might not be safe for me to box at all.


Too Much Work

I have put in so much work over the last three years.  I’ve trained for half marathons, boxing, obstacle racing and rock climbing.  I can do 100s of situps without thinking about it but…….it still looks like I have a belly.  My extra skin creates the illusion of fat to the public.  I know I have a 6 pack under all that flab and it’s so sad that I can’t see it.  It also makes it really difficult to calculate my body fat so I’ve stopped trying. It’s like taking an action figure and covering it in marshmallow fluff.  I’ve got a rocking body in there somewhere……. While I realize this point is quite vain, I’m ok with that.  I’ve put in too much work to still look……like this.

Old Age 

I have a friend at work who is also looking into some skin surgery so we have been comparing notes.  We have discussed the guilt that comes along with a surgery like this.  They aren’t cheap.  It feels really selfish to spend all that money on the gym and then want to spend even more on a surgery.  So I had a heart to heart/devil’s advocate discussion with my husband.  I had him try to convince me it was the right decision.  One of his biggest selling points that I had never thought of is, What happens when I get old?

ALERT: Mention of lady parts coming.  Men should stop reading here! Lol. 


As of right now, the extra skin from my belly hangs past my hip bones and even to (if not past) my lady region. I’ve been lucky to avoid a lot of the irritation and infections I’ve heard of some people getting.  I have loose skin EVERYWHERE.  Everywhere.  But what happens when I get old?  My entire body points down now and I just turned 31.  There’s no hope going forward really!  Old lady boobs? Check!  Hanging belly skin? Check! Saggy butt? Check!  Saggy thighs? Check! These problems are just going to get worse and worse as I age and could result in actual medical issues going forward.


I feel really awkward about this post.  Some people will never understand what it’s like.  I feel vain and selfish for even discussing it, knowing there’s so many out there that are just struggling to loose the weight.  But the unknown of my skin was something that stalled me in the past.  Hopefully someone reads this and realizes it’s still worth it no matter what.  I hate my skin.  I love my body.  I’ll never forget what it was like to be obese because I still carry the sack of who I used to be around with me everyday.  But I’d never go back.  I’ll take this gross old lady body every single day for the rest of my LONG life than live one more day like I did before.




The Wide World of Supplements

Ok. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or even overly educated in the medical sciences of the body, yet.  So anything you read in this post is based on how my body FEELS and only that.  Just saying.


I’m training as an amateur athlete now.  In 5 weeks, I will compete in the Colorado Golden Gloves State Tournament.  Holy Crap.  So this last 2 months, my training has really been more intense.  I’m taking class 5-6 times a week, sparring at least once a week, sometimes having private time, and working on the regular bag and speed bag.  I’m also running a little (<10 miles a week, I wish it could be more) but the weather and my body are making it hard.

I have gotten through my entire weigh loss journey with three containers of protein powder.  Up until recently, I only took it when I was sore or I had put in way more work than usual at the gym.  Maybe a couple shakes a month.  Dan takes them too but also rarely.  Up until now I have only taken my usual multi-vitamin and the occasional B-12 or something.  This week: I had to invest in a new pill box because I have started taking so many supplements.

Last week, I suffered an minor-ish injury in the ring.  I’d rather not literally publicize my weaknesses but I HATE being injured.  I have a hard time being slow and making myself rest.  I had JUST hit my fight weight so I, ONCE AGAIN, reached out to my amazing friend Jessica Kidd.  She recommended adding Glutamine to my smoothies in the morning.  I am already have a protein shake a day and I’m trying to get my nutrients from food as much as possible.  But maybe it’s possible I’m expecting my body to do things it just can’t without some extra help.  I’ve been feeling MORE than just sore for a long time now.  Adding a crap ton of protein to my diet helped but only took the edge off.  So after a trip to the store and talking to other people, I’m on three things:

  1.  Glutamine: Is a building block of protein, and sometimes your body just can’t make enough of it to repair your muscles. It comes in powder and pill but I take powder.  I put it in my smoothies in the morning.  I noticed a difference the first day.  I wish I could take 10X the dosage and feel 10 times better, but it doesn’t really work that way.   I paid $30 for enough for 2-3 months.  I’ll probably keep this in my regimen until I’m done boxing.
  2. Turmeric After Sport:  To be perfectly honest, I only bought this because the lady suggested it.  As I’m standing there, I could have counted about 15 things that hurt so I would have bought nearly anything.  When I told her why I was buying the Glutamine, she suggested this.  She also reminded me of their return policy and if I didn’t think it was doing anything, I could bring it back.  So far, it seems ok? I’m not really sure if it’s doing anything yet.
  3. Fish Oil –  I’m taking this because we had it in the house.  A few people I talked to were surprised that I wasn’t already on them.  They are supposed to help with joints and overall health right? But I also read recently that most Fish Oil pills are really nothing……so I’ll probably take these till their gone and then see if I see a difference.

My point is, when I was losing weight, it was important to me to do it without supplements and by getting what I needed from my food.  But now I’m not losing weight.  I’m training and I’m training hard.  Maybe my body just can’t produce everything that it needs.  I’m still trying to get as much as I can from my overall diet, but if I need a little help keeping my body in one piece to make it to the tournament, I guess I have to do that.

My Fight Weight Fight

So I’m now in training mode and focused on competing in the Golden Gloves.  I’m training 8-10 hours a week and trying to trim to my fight weight of 141 pounds.  141 pounds.  That’s small.  I’ve been at 141 pounds before and maintained it for 6 weeks or so just to make sure I could even be that small, and for the record: I think I’m too skinny at that weight.  Regardless, this is the weight my coaches have determined is the safest weight for me.

It’s actually quite difficult to think about what my true weight is.  After dropping over 50% of my body weight, I pretty much have loose skin…..everywhere.  So…’s hard to calculate my real weight, muscle mass or body fat.  So I’ve been obsessed with getting to that number again and I’ve been really struggling.  I have been eating within my calories everyday.  I have been working out more.  I have haven’t have a sweet treat (soda, candy, cupcake, cookie……) all month.  I have totally cut alcohol out.  And the scale………kept going up.  I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

My elbows hurt all the time.  My knee hurts every day.  My should hurts every day.  Weird aches and pains pop up all throughout the day. Am I going to be able to: 1.  Stay in one piece until March? 2. Make fight weight?12510425_10103151284597509_1504549280907727655_n

So I reached out to my amazing friend, Jessica Kidd, once again.  She is studying for her nutrition degree and often has to make a certain weight or look for events.  I knew she could help.  I know I still have almost two months to get to fight weight, but I’m starting to go to an unhealthy place about it and I want to make sure I do it right.

At first she noticed that I wasn’t eating enough.  My body was pretty much in starvation mode and if I didn’t increase my calories, I would never drop the weight.  I know it seems CRAZY.  But if you aren’t eating enough, you body saves every last calorie because it doesn’t think it’s ever going to get calories again.  But if you feed it when it asks, it learns to take what it needs and throw the rest away.  My body was saving everything because it needed everything. I lost my ‘excess weight’ quickly.  But then it started coming back.

I reached out to Jessica again.

Since I’ve been tracking my food in Myfitnesspal (LOVE!) I could simply send her a photo of what I’d been eating and my nutrients.  She noticed right away that my protein was too low and my fats were too high.  Honestly, I usually don’t pay much attention to anything but my calories and sugar.  I’ve gotten away with this for a looooong time.  But I’m training differently now.  I’m training as an amateur athlete. (What?!) So I have to provide my body with different things.  She told me the new levels she would suggest and I reset my app.  I went shopping the next day and prepped food for the whole week.  And.  It.  Worked.

I’m finally dropping some of my ‘excess weight’ that my body has been holding on to.  I thought I was getting enough of what I needed because my body was still going.  But now I realize how much my body was telling me it needed something different. Now that I’m eating the way I need to, it’s not complaining.  My elbows don’t hurt.  My knee is only sore after running.  My shoulder doesn’t hurt.  I feel so much more put together and stronger.  And the scale has agreed.  I’m not to fight weight consistently yet, but I’m getting there!

Fitness Magazine – I Did It

This week is SPRING BREAK!  So you can expect to see small posts throughout the week since I actually have the time!

Today I sat down and finally wrote my application for Fitness Magazine.  I get this magazine and always love reading the “I Did It” section.  I have to say though, I read it very judgementally!  Usually, I’ve lost a lot more weight than the people they feature.  It’s like my gossip column.

So this week, I’m actually submitting my story.  Who knows? Maybe they will pick me!  I’m constantly looking for more ways to share my story and inspire others.  So please feel free to pass my info to anyone and everyone!

If any morbidly obese person could feel like I do for just one day, they would lose the weight.  Sometimes I wish I could put the weight back on for just one day to be able to feel the change back to back. So until you can read MY story in the magazine (fingers crossed!) drop over to their website to read others’ stories. Fitness Magazine – I Did It


This post is to one of my closest friends, cheerleader, support person and overall badass: Nikki.  Happy Birthday Girl!


In May of 2013, I told Nikki I was going to try to start eating healthier and that I wanted to lose maybe 50 pounds.  When you’re morbidly obese, everyone knows you talking about dieting every now and then and tell those around you you’re going to try.  The response from most is just a passing “ok” with the added feeling of “yeah right” behind it.  But Nikki didn’t make me feel this way.  Right away she offered advice as she was naturally a better eater than I was.  She would comment that my pants were getting loose even when I didn’t believe her myself.

That’s the number one thing I love about Nikki: No Judgement. Ever.  I never feel judged by her or looked down upon.  She is one of the best people I’ve ever met.

Over that summer I lost 30 – 40 pounds and returned to work in the fall.  Nikki and I didn’t see each other much that summer since we both travel, work and enjoy every last second of our summers.  When we got back to work, she jumped on the band wagon.  We started having ‘pot luck style’ lunches where we and a few friends would bring different things for lunches that week.  She would force me to try new things that I didn’t even know I liked.  Where would I be without her encouraging me to eat hummus or black bean burgers? My life would be so sad! We would check in and talk about our weight and what sucked that week.  Since we were under the same stress it was really easy to counsel each other.


That January I joined my gym.  She joined too!  They were running a groupon so she bought one and would come workout with me in the beginning.  She quickly found that my gym wasn’t her style, but since we had started together, I could always talk to her about what was going on at the gym.  She started running, biking and 5k training while I worked on strength and cardio.  That spring, we both got new jobs.

We still make it a point to get together and we still check in about our weight and how things are going.  We love to go to a local vegetarian restaurant where she turned me on to THE BEST bean and quinoa burger EVER. We’ve ran a 5K together and are running a 7K together in March.  She constantly reminds me how much of an inspiration I am for her, but she’s just as big for me.


Nikki is an amazing Mom.  When I’m at her house, I hope to be the kind of parent that she is.  Not only is she finding time for herself and her health, but she models those healthy choices for her son Will and her hubby.  She’s also an amazing teacher and advocate for her students.  She’s involved with galleries all over town and is often looking for charities and causes to support.  So while Nikki thinks I’m the support for her, it’s really the other way around!  I think you’re amazing in everything you do.  So the HAPPIEST of birthdays to my kick-ass friend.  You go girl!

The Doctor

On Friday, I had an appointment with my doctor.  I thought I’d share the questions I asked and the feeling of being at the doctor as a normal weight person. I made this appointment for two reasons:

1.  I knew it was time to test my thyroid again because I’ve been having temperature management issues which can usually mean the thyroid.  Also, I’d lost 40 pounds since it was last tested.

2.  My skin……………while my muscles are looking better than ever in my whole life, my skin is getting worse and worse.  Some areas as slowly shrinking back to where they should be but most of it is a lost cause.  It’s now causing problems in my belly button and groin area after workouts.  Also, during workouts jumping and running are getting painful.

I was actually excited about this doctor’s appointment, which never happens.  I usually dread going to the doctor.  Visiting your doctor when you’re morbidly obese, it’s their job to tell you it’s a problem.  I would go in for something totally unrelated to weight but would inevitably get ‘the talk’.  “You know you’ll be overall healthier if you drop some weight” or “this wouldn’t be an issue if you lost some weight” or “You’re overall healthy but I’d love to see your weight come down”.   No matter what issue I went to the doctor for, I’d usually leave feeling bad about myself.  Now, it is their JOB to recommend you get healthy.  I never had a doctor that I felt treated me differently or judged me because of my weight.  Remember, when I was at my heaviest I was living in Illinois where most people are overweight so seeing me wasn’t that different from every other patient.

During the last year and a half of my weight loss I have only been sick twice.  Both times it was a cold that I got over much faster than I would have previously.  So I haven’t been to the doctor much over my journey.  I’ve been to nutritionist and trainers but rarely checked in with my doctor.  I had not seen her since I hit my 100 pound mark or my goal weight.  So I was excited for her to see what I had done and how it was reflected in my overall health.  She was shocked.  I’ve never had a doctor say to me before, “I’m so proud of you!”  Here’s some of the questions I asked and her response from what I can remember:

How often do normal people weight themselves and think about weight? It varies.  Some people only go by how their clothes fit and only get weighed at the doctor.  Other people weigh themselves everyday.  It honestly varies from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Since you’ve worried about weight so far your whole life, you’ll probably continue for the rest of your life.  There might never come a time when you don’t think about it.  I think it will taper down, but you’ll probably always think about it because you always have.  But maybe being more conscience of it will keep you from going backwards.

How do I know if I have more weight to lose? DON’T LOSE ANY MORE WEIGHT.  (I’m putting this one in to remind myself!)  You’ve reached healthy BMI (24) and I wouldn’t recommend you going any further.  Pay attention to other numbers like body fat, cholesterol, and your thyroid.  My Question: Well I’m not sure what I weigh without all my extra skin.  I don’t want to be to skinny or heavy when my skin comes off. Response: Worry about that when the skin comes off.  There’s no way to know how much is skin versus fat versus muscle.  Don’t worry about it.  You’re BMI is healthy, so I’m happy.

What are the requirements for skin surgery? I am really curious about this.  I’m no where near ready for surgery and need to make a stop in Baby Town first but I want to know what they expect to see when I AM ready for surgery. Response: I have no idea.  I’m writing you a referral to their department right now. Every doctor is different.  Some will just want to see you.  Others want to see your stats.  Others want you to maintain for a certain amount of time.  Either way, it’s really hard to get done medically.  Just be ready for that.

I can not say enough how nice it was to go to the doctor and not leave feeling bad.  I left feeling amazing.  My doctor could recommend a single thing for me to be doing differently.

Thyroid Tests

I am a huge enemy of the thyroid!  I consistently discuss thyroid issue or undiagnosed issues with people all the time.  One of my first questions when someone tells me they are going to start to try losing weight is always, “Have you had your thyroid tested?”  Unless you have experienced thyroid issues, it is difficult to explain them to someone else.  I no longer have a thyroid and don’t have to deal with these problems anymore!  You can read the whole story here: The Thyroid Saga .

Whenever I stumble across an article about the thyroid, I almost always read it.  So many people have been through the same issues as you or even worse.  I found this article interesting and very true:


Remember: I am not a medical professional and neither is this author.  However, all the information I read here was correct in my own experience as well.  Hope this brings a few of you answers!

It wasn’t worth dying for.

I have posted a lot of different reasons for changing the way I eat, exercise and basically saved my life. So here’s a list all in one convenient place. I encourage everyone to make their own lists and write it out with a writing instrument that makes you feel like a kid. Just because it will make you smile! Trust me on that.

article-2286426-185DF8B6000005DC-468_634x31710. Seats – I was embarrassed when I couldn’t fit in seats. Now, I would say that I did fit in the average seat 80% of the time. Movie seats, most restaurant seats, and chairs found in the average home were fine. However I could  not fit in roller coasters, barely air plane seats, bus seats were uncomfortable, and booths were usually awkward. It was embarrassing to ask my husband to pull the table toward him. I was sick of it. It made me feel huge to not fit where I was supposed to fit. Was I really that big? Uh…….yes apparently. Duh.


images-19. Food – When living in such an incredible place like Denver (whoop!!) you get exposed to a whole new palate of food compared to living in the Midwest. I kept finding that I was unsure or didn’t like most of the awesome ‘local trends’ because my palate was akin to grease, ranch dressing, and milk shakes. (In case you haven’t noticed I will be observing the Oxford comma in this post. Why did it have to die? Back to the point.) So basically I was missing out on entire pages of menus and new fad restaurants because they didn’t serve food like you’d find in the MW. And how do the states rank on the Healthiest in the US scale? Colorado is 8th healthiest. Illinois is 30th. So yeah. Again I have to go with Duh.

img_29908. Run – I live in a big(ger) city now and in this big(ger) city weird people are everywhere and weird stuff happens.  Dan and I got into an altercation one night when a guy was trying to get into our building.  I had been going to the gym for some time and I was able to defend myself easily.  Before I don’t think I could have done anything.  So I wanted to be able to run if anything ever happened that was seriously bad.  You just never know.  Paranoid? Probably but Denver has some seriously weird people. It’s the best place ever!






774781552e1b05ee18ddf2741d51636d7. Clothes – When you are plus sized, you can only shop at so many stores.  All of these stores seem to carry the exact same items, in the same fabrics, and often times even in the same colors. I wanted to wear things I saw other girls wearing.  I couldn’t even find boots that would fit my midwestern-corn-fed-morbidly-obese-calves.  Regular was too small and extended calf was too big.  I wanted to wear things I saw on pinterest and even make my own clothes because I’m a super huge dork. Do you have any idea how much money you save when buying fabric for a body that’s 45% smaller? You guessed it, 45%. Ha!






6. I didn’t care – The longhere-s-a-little-hint-i-don-t-career I’m an adult the longer I realize that high school never ends.  And in this said high school that we are all calling life, I decided I was done caring what people thought.  I know this sounds backwards.  Why would I lose weight if I stopped caring? Well, I was mostly terrified about losing weight because I knew my skin was already screwed.  I gained my weight in batches that hung in weird places on my body.  As I lost the weight, I knew those places would deflate and hang.  More on how I feel about my skin another day…..back to the point. I decided I didn’t care how I looked when I lost weight. When you feel like you can accept what you’re going to look like after you lose the weight and you don’t look like a Victoria Secret model, it makes it easier. This is something you have to learn to do several times throughout your journey.




Health Promotion5. Health – I know what you’re thinking. 5???? Number 5 is health???? Shouldn’t it be higher or maybe even number 1? The fact is that I am fortunate enough to have so many other things in my life that are worth more than my own health.  My number one goal was always to get healthy, not nesccessarily skinny. There are lists and lists of diseases and health risks associated with obesity.  You can see them HERE if you are unaware, but in this day and age I don’t know a single overweight person that doesn’t know MORE about being heathy than a skinny person. I knew the risks and decided they weren’t worth it.  I had been fairly lucky so far and I didn’t want to Press My Luck! (No whammies, No whammies!)




swirling-clock4. Time  – The older I get, coming up to the big 3-0 this year, the faster time seems to go.  Months fly by like I remember weeks or days going as a child.  Holidays are less exciting but, being a teacher, I still live for summer breaks. Each day I get to spend about 2 hours with my husband before the bed calls our name. When I look at my life, I just want more time.  I could no longer live with the fact that I would most likely die early for such a dumb reason as obesity.  By controlling my obesity, I am able to get more time on this Earth to spend with those that I love.






cute-baby-face-girl-hd-wallpaper23. Baby Maybe – The hubby and I are hoping to have children soon.  We have always planned on having children in our lives.  When I got diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome my dream of having children was all but out the window.  One of the most successful cures of PCOS is to lose weight.  If I couldn’t give my child a healthy environment for the first 9 months, what could I hope to give them after that? I want my child to crave healthy foods and not ask for a Happy Meal for dinner each night.  In order to do that, I had to make sure I was showing them the model of a healthy lifestyle.



10534415_10204460633666460_3391433917550686121_n2. Dan – Of course Dan ranks high on the list.  As I said above, I want as much time with Dan as I can get.  He is my best friend and my absolute partner in life.  How could I continue to make these choices when they would inevitably cost me my life with him.  I wanted him to have a wife he was proud to carry on his arm.  I 100% know that Dan loved me at every weight.  He always wanted me to be healthier for myself but never pushed me to lose the weight.  I gave him a list of things I needed him to do for our marriage.  He accomplished everything on that list to ensure our future family together.  In turn I promised I would get healthy.  It took me a few years but I kept true on my promise. I’m now proud to be his wife and feel like we are a much more equal partnership.




159734-350x232-Writing-on-a-headstone1. It wasn’t worth dying for – In the end, this is my number one reason.  Eating Big Macs and brownies is NOT WORTH IT. In the moment of consuming a Big Mac, it seems like not such a big deal.  And of course, one high fat and sodium meal once in a while is fine.  However, I was consuming meals like this on a consistent basis.  In the end, 10 minutes of pleasure for that meal is not worth dying for.  NONE of the reasons on this list were worth dying for.  When I die, I want my headstone to say something like the picture above, not “She really loved french fries.” Really take a look at yourself and how you are treating the only body that you will ever get. Most people don’t consider that their diet could kill them.  In this day and age we blame cigarettes, drugs, cancer and heart disease.  However, being a healthy weight eliminates or drastically decreases your chances of TONS of different diseases.  IT’S NOT WORTH IT.

Changes Are Coming

Hey guys, today will be my last DAILY post for a while.  I’m hoping to keep posting twice a week but I will be going back to teaching full time starting Monday.  With it brings a lot of anxiety for me.  I, of course, am very anxious to meet the kids and am unsure how the year will go.  I’m also anxious about getting back into a routine for eating.


I have to say, I thought I would do much worse over the summer. I’ve lost 12 pounds over the summer but my real goal was to hopefully not gain!  At the start of summer I was really nervous about not having an eating schedule and being stuck in the house.  Of course my eating schedule varied from day to day but I made sure to stay active throughout the summer.  With so many birthday parties, cook outs and events, it was often hard to stay true.  BUT I proved to myself that I could do it.  While I was hoping to be at my optimal goal weight by the start of school, I don’t think that was ever realistic.  My weight loss has slowed A LOT since the beginning and it’s true that the last pounds are the hardest by far.

I am excited to get back into an eating schedule.  I’m a very orderly person and like having a schedule.  It’s hard for me in the summer to be motivated to do my regular ‘stuff’ when I have all the time in the world to get it done.  School provides an easy eating schedule as I can only eat at my designated times.  I’ve already scheduled out when my snacks and meals will be in my day. Even though I’m sad that summer has come to an end, I’m happy to have the stability of school back. Have you set an eating schedule for yourself? Do you work in both snacks and meals during the day? Take a look at when and how you’re eating and try to make just one easy change a day!