A Quick Lunch

Every Sunday I prep my meals for the week.  Here’s what I’m eating every day for lunch this week.  The hubby even likes it! He’s having it on bread and I’m having lettuce wraps.  If you aren’t watching carbs you could even do crackers.  VERY tasty.  Also, I switched the rosemary for dill just because I like it better.  I also added red onion and will consider adding celery in the future!




Balancing Act

Well as you can see….I haven’t posted in forever.  I’ve been having a bit of a balancing crisis.  I have a list of excuses a mile long and I just found I had to let a few things slip.  And this has been one of them.  Sorry to everyone who enjoys and looks forward to my posts!  Things have just gotten….hard!  But luckily…….SUMMER IS COMING!!!!  I can’t even begin to imagine it but this is one of the first summer’s I’ll be off from work in a long time.  I usually teach summer school or some sort of summer camp every single year.  I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing with myself!


My Workouts 

Since the Golden Gloves, I’ve still been training 4-5 times a weeks like before.  I’m still sparring and looking for fights. I’ve also been adding a lot of cardio to make weight.  I’ve decided to go down a weight class which means a tighter diet and more cardio.  My workout schedule has been as follows:

Monday: 4 AM alarm clock: 5 Mile Morning Run , 1.5 hours boxing training

Tuesday: 3:45 alarm clock: 3.5 Mile Elliptical Routine, 1.5 hours boxing training

Wednesday: Sleep Late! (5:45 am!!!!) 2 hours boxing training

Thursday: 3:45 alarm clock: 3.5 Mile Elliptical Routine, 1.5 hours boxing training

Friday: 4 AM alarm clock: 5 Mile Morning Run , no boxing training

Saturday and Sunday: Some mix of walking, 5 mile run, sometimes boxing training

While some people think that’s insane, keep in mind that I’m still training as an amateur athlete that needs to make weight!  This week I’m not making weight, just maintaining.  So I didn’t do any of the elliptical days and still feel great.  I’ve grown to really love running in the morning!  It’s so healing and an awesome way to start the day! And it’s not more than 12 hours Mom.  I checked.


My Job

As some of you may have heard, It’s May now, and I teach middle school.  You’ve seen the memes.  It’s not pretty.  Every end-of-year meeting, project, hooplah and summer fever hits at the same time.  No one wants to be there but yet we are.  I thought I had done a decent (not great) job of keeping everything balanced this work year, but I was wrong.  Although I guess I do this at the end of every school year.  When huge projects are due and meetings are held, I always think I could have done better.  I’m like this with everything in my life.  There’s always room to improve and change.  But I definitely know I could have done better with a few things this school year.  I really tried to work only within my work hours this year and I succeeded to a point.  I still worked a few hours every other weekend or so.  But maybe I should have worked a little harder at my actual work? At the same time I know I’m good at my job and I still love it more than most people could ever say. So that’s something.


My Relationships

I think this is the greatest sacrifice I’ve made lately as a result of my training.  I haven’t been a very good friend…….I hate to say it but I know it’s true.  I have a few friends I see and I stay in contact with a lot of people but I know I could try harder.  My family rarely hears from me even though I’m never far from my phone.  It’s also hard to go out and ‘hang’ when you can’t eat or drink anything that they are.  So instead of going out for dinner, I say I have to eat at home.  I might be able to meet for a ‘quick coffee’.  Of course there are also never enough hours in the day too……but still, I should try harder.

My husband is the number one person effected by my training of course.  He changes his diet, listens to my whine, and even runs with me.  When I had to make weight a week ago, he ran 5 miles by my side on a Friday night while I was wearing two sweat suits and a zombie.  He doesn’t see me until almost 6 or 7 pm every night and I leave before him in the mornings to do crazy cardio.  He takes care of so many things at the house because I just can’t.  And somehow……we make it work. I continue to change and he continues to love me.  I continue to get crazier and he continues to love me.  Love is weird.


So I guess I’m trying to say, I thought I was doing a good job of balancing everything in my life but….I don’t think I really am.