I hate Heidi Powell

One of my favorite trainers on TV is Chris Powell.  I have been watching his show, Extreme Weight Loss, for my entire journey and find is extremely inspiring and often see elements of myself in their clients.  Chris constantly posts about his wife, Heidi Powell, who is also a trainer and regularly featured on the show.  Via his Facebook feed he recommends her blog on a daily basis.  I’ve never read it before because, well, I hate Heidi Powell.

heidipowell Why? She’s freaking gorgeous, returned to the show just weeks after giving birth, could probably kick my ass and let’s face it: she gets to do it with Chris Powell.  (And that just doesn’t seem fair!)143910a7d5d2cc2e198fc7e2516d9850

So I’ve never ventured over to her blog……..until now.  She posted about something that I just had to read.  So for the first time, I’ve recommending her blog for others because I found it very true and inspirational.

Heidi recently blogged about “The Promise You Make to Yourself.” I’m going to try and write in my own words but might have accidentally borrowed from her ideas! Now, this doesn’t mean you can just start reading her blog instead of mine! (Even though her hubby is as good looking as mine)

People ask me how to lose weight all the time.  They think there is a magic answer or a quick fix that will allow them to get on the same path as me.  While it does come down to eating right and getting active, there’s more to it than that.  It’s about the promise you’ve made to yourself.  At the end of the day, when you’re lying in bed and thinking through the day, you only have yourself to answer to.  I of course made a promise to my hubby that I’d lose the weight.  But I’d made this promise before and failed.  He’s admitted that he never really expected me to do it because I hadn’t in the past.  If I hadn’t done it, life would have gone on the same.  He wouldn’t have held me accountable to what I said with crazy consequences like getting a divorce.  He would have encouraged me and tried to keep my on track.  However, he more than anyone knows I’m the only one that can make myself do anything.

I knew I owed it to myself and that’s why I made a promise to myself.  I wanted the results of weight loss. I wanted other women to be jealous! I wanted to wear yoga pants in public.  I wanted to give my hubby all the years I could.  I wanted all the time I could get with our future child.  That’s the promise I made to myself, to be the best I could be so I’d have more of myself to give to others.  That’s the promise I kept to myself.  I feel that letting yourself down is worse than letting others down.  In the end there’s just you.  Have to made decisions today you can be happy with? Are you fighting a battle on the inside? Make a promise to yourself today that you can keep!

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