The emotional process of losing weight and changing your lifestyle, I think, is the hardest part.  People expect that when they drop the weight, all their emotional issues go away.  While some of your emotions are attached to your weight, some issues will come up you never expected.




Reception – How others perceive you and what impact it has on you is different for everyone.  But you will notice as you lose weight how your reception changes.  It’s almost sickening to see how much better I ‘fit in’ in our society now.  As I was losing weight, I started to notice how much of the world is build for thin and active people.  Regardless of your feelings on the reception of obesity, it isn’t going to be changing anytime soon.  You can not change how others react to you.  You can only fix your own reaction and how it affects you.  You control your own feelings.  No one can MAKE you feel anything.

Confidence – As you lose weight, hopefully your confidence and self image will be a lot healthier as well.  But be careful not to attach your self confidence to the number on the scale.  I would often have a bad day just because of the number I saw on the scale that morning.  Try to hold on to the good days and let the bad days go.  When you get a compliment, store it for when your having a low moment.  Try to attach your confidence to other areas your improving like water intake, fitness activity or small goals.

Meditation – While I do not sit in the lotus position and “Ohm”, I do practice my own form of meditation. I am constantly reflective of my feelings and reactions.  Running is my meditation because it gives me time to think.  Clearing your head and spending time by yourself is essential when losing weight.  You’ll need to evaluate and reevaluate and reevaluate where you are and where you’re going.  Without a goal or a direction, you’ll lose your track.

Don’t Ignore Your Feelings!  Losing weight can be a very emotional process.  Luckily for me, there was no deep dark traumatic event from my childhood that I had to dredge up and deal with.  If this is your case, you will have to deal with it if you want to remain thin.  Don’t be embarrassed to seek professional help or lean on a friend during this process.  I went through several different ‘phases’ of emotions throughout my weight loss.  One of the first was realizing how differently I was treated as I lost weight and it made me MAD.  Why can’t heavy people be treated like healthy people? More on that later…….. Also, I wasn’t sure HOW to feel a lot of the time.  When you watch people lose weight on TV, they usually hated themselves in the past and were very insecure.  However, I’ve always been a confident person regardless of my size and I still loved the person I was because she did a ton of awesome things.  I had to sort that all out.  Don’t just push them to the side.  DEAL with them.

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