My Running Plan

So I haven’t really been sure how to train for this whole running thing.  But like usual, I’m waiting until the last minute 🙂  I found this schedule yesterday and it’s what I’m planning on doing.  I made an appointment on Thursday with a nutritionist to find out if this seems like a good plan and what my body is going to need to make it through.

Whenever starting or changing your fitness routine, reach out to those with knowledge!  I’ve never had anyone tell me, “you’ll have to pay for my advice”.  My nutritionist is covered through my insurance so it’s literally costing me nothing to get this advice.  If you aren’t lucky enough to have it covered by insurance, call your local ‘health food’ store.  Whole Foods employs nutritionists that lead classes and you can set an appointment.  Also, GNC and my favorite Complete Nutrition also offer lots of free advice.

So here’s the plan……..(sorry about the quality, I couldn’t find the original source file)


Fitness Magazine – I Did It

This week is SPRING BREAK!  So you can expect to see small posts throughout the week since I actually have the time!

Today I sat down and finally wrote my application for Fitness Magazine.  I get this magazine and always love reading the “I Did It” section.  I have to say though, I read it very judgementally!  Usually, I’ve lost a lot more weight than the people they feature.  It’s like my gossip column.

So this week, I’m actually submitting my story.  Who knows? Maybe they will pick me!  I’m constantly looking for more ways to share my story and inspire others.  So please feel free to pass my info to anyone and everyone!

If any morbidly obese person could feel like I do for just one day, they would lose the weight.  Sometimes I wish I could put the weight back on for just one day to be able to feel the change back to back. So until you can read MY story in the magazine (fingers crossed!) drop over to their website to read others’ stories. Fitness Magazine – I Did It

Fitness Crisis

For the past two-three months, I’ve been struggling with my fitness.  I still absolutely love to work out and I’m totally addicted.  However, I happy with how my body looks now and I’ve struggled to push myself in classes at the gym. I don’t need to lose any more weight and I’m more than happy with my muscle tone.  So……what am I doing? Where do I want to go?

I’ve been looking at my fitness goals I set in January.

1.  Run a half Marathon (Coming in May!!)

2.  Hike at least one 14er

3.  Be able to do 5 pull ups

Well………..Number one is happening in May whether I’m ready or not. It’s been too cold to hike until the past few weeks, and I’m up to 5 pull ups already.  So again……what are my real long term goals?

When I was heavy, my ideal image of fitness was a distance runner. sport-protiv-stareniyaWomen like this run past my apartment all day long every day.  I would see them and think, “Wow.  That’s what I want to be able to do someday.”  I’ve never been envious of body builders, cyclists, gymnasts or swimmers.  That’s never been the type of body I wanted to have or activities I’m even interested in.  I’ve never wanted to be able to squat 300 pounds.  BUT I’ve always wanted to be a runner.  My sister did Cross Country when we were in school.  I could never believe how far she could run or that she actually liked it. After moving to Colorado, I saw just how normal running was here.

So I’m trying to zero in on what I really want from my body and what I want it to be able to do.  So, for the next two months………..and I still can’t believe I’m saying this……I’ve suspended my gym membership.  I’m going to be mixing running with boxing training while I prepare for the race.  While talking through my goals with my hubby, I said “I’d love to be able to run a 5K every 6 months for the rest of my life” and that’s my real goal: fitness for life.

While my body is adjusting to running, my mind still is not.  I have trouble finding the ‘runner’s zone’ and think about how much I hate running all the time still.  BUT I’m hopeful that I will learn to love it and crave it like I do my workouts at the gym.  So we will see.  Can I become my ideal athlete? Can I be one of those people that others see as a goal? Is there someone watching me run in the park thinking, “I hope to do that someday”? I hope so!  BTW: I’m probably wearing these underneath.


Runnin’ Of The Green – 7K

Well, I did it.  I ran a 7K!  Usually I post about how much easier the race was than I thought or how I didn’t even train.  This is not the case this time!


A few months ago, Nikki asked if I wanted to do the 7K that she was doing.  In my mind I was thinking, that’s only like one more mile than a 5K.  I can do that, right? So I registered me and the hubby.  As the race was getting closer, the Denver weather was getting worse and worse.  I couldn’t find the time or get the weather to cooperate to start running training until…….last week.

I told my trainer Jameson that I was going to be doing the race and his first question was, “Have you been training?” I of course, had not.  I usually just wing it and hope for the best.  However, I know I can’t keep doing this.  If I want to run longer distances……..I obviously have to practice longer distances.  I absolutely hate running on a treadmill unless there’s someone there to keep me entertained.  So all week long, James pushed my cardio during my sessions with him and would recommend how long to run on my ‘off’ days.  On Friday night, I set out for a 4 mile run.


To be clear: I’m pretty sure I’ve never run that far.  Ever.  The most we did at school was the mile and I don’t recall ever running more than a mile or two at track practice.  There is a 5K track in City Park across the street.  So I started on that and thought I’d just make up the last little bit when I got to the end.  Well I got lost.  Twice.  I kept losing the trail or not being sure and taking a stupid way.  Luckily, I’ve been using Map My Run.  It’s a great app for all kinds of things but feels like it was made for idiots like me who don’t know how far they ran.

On Saturday I rested.  And it was good.

Sunday. Race Day. I woke up tired and already nervous about the race.  Dan and I had already preplanned where to eat breakfast so we had enough fuel to get us through the race.  We went to breakfast and bought bus passes.  We had to travel Green for the Runnin’ of the Green right? For those that don’t know, major cities are awesome for St. Patty’s.  While I didn’t get to see the Chicago River turn green this year, it was awesome to see everyone when we stepped off the bus.  There was green EVERYWHERE!  With 3,500 runners it was nearly impossible to keep track of the group!


I was a lot less nervous for this race than I have for the last two.  I had practiced the distance and knew I could at least survive and cross the finish line. My error was in not looking harder at the race route.  There were several hills and overpasses along the route. I ran the first mile pretty quickly: 9 mins.  Then the route got hard.  The uphills would take everything I had and then I would want to walk the down hill.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was doing it backwards.  On the rest of the hills I would try to walk as fast as I could up and then race down to make up the time.  Also, it’s a lot easier to go fast as your going downhill.  Mile 2-3 was pretty brutal.  When I got to the mile 3 marker, I really wanted it to be over.  But I kept going anyway.  I alternated between running and walking quickly as little as possible but I felt like I couldn’t run as long or as fast as I wanted.  On the last uphill, I had to walk.  When I turned the corner, the finish line was right there.

When I crossed the finish line, I was happy with my time, but not how I ran the race.  I finished 4.52 miles in 48:56 minutes.  When I finished I felt like I could have run faster and pushed myself harder.  But now I have the confidence that I can run that far and hopefully next time I can have enough confidence to push myself harder.  It was a brutal race but I finished!



Next Race: The Graffiti Run – 5K



Peace Love and Shoes


My mother and I were talking about how for some people, just getting the right equipment is the first step to exercising.  Most people think they need DVDs, a treadmill, weights or other equipment to get started.  My advice: start with shoes.  When you have a great pair of shoes that you love, exercising is right outside your door.  You don’t need a gym membership or fancy new workout equipment to start a new fitness routine.  Just strap on some shoes and head outside!

So here’s my advice when looking for a pair of exercise shoes and where to start.  I’m also going to review the four pairs of shoes that I’ve gone through in the last year and a half.  Knowing where to start is half the battle!

Tip #1: Don’t go to a ‘big box’ sports store.

Stores like Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods are great for a lot of things and I often shop there for workout clothes and equipment.  However, they are severely lacking in brands of shoes and knowledge about their inventory.  I HIGHLY recommend going to a specialized running store.  Even if you are planning on using your shoes for all types of exercise, these people know their stuff.  I have bought every pair of my shoes at The Boulder Running Company here in Colorado.  Look for a specialized fitness or running store to purchase your shoes. If you’re thinking of purchasing shoes at Target or Walmart, STOP RIGHT NOW.  Shoes at these stores are made for walking, not fitness.  They will only last a few months and you’ll find they are not supporting your feet like they should.  Trust me. Also, stores like Foot Locker and Champs only carry the cheaper, low end models of the popular brands.  Go to a specialty store to see everything each brand has.

Tip #2: Find out how you run

Even if you are not planning on spending most of your fitness hours running, you’ll want the correct support for whatever sort of exercise you do.  At The Boulder Running Company they have a Runner’s Lab. Inside the Runner’s Lab, there is a treadmill with several cameras at different angles.  They are able to measure the type of ankle support you need, how your knees align and the impact point of your running.  With this cool technology, they can fit you in the perfect shoe to avoid injury.  Other stores might just have a treadmill and an ipad to film you on.  This is way better than just guessing!  If you walk in a store to buy shoes, check for a treadmill.  If they don’t have one, go somewhere else.  You’ll want to try running and exercising in your shoes.

Tip #3: You don’t have to know anything

The categories of shoes can be a little overwhelming.  Just within running shoes there is: cross trainers, barefoot running, full support, gel cushion, free run….etc.  You do not have to understand the technology behind your shoes.  Also, you can run in shoes that aren’t for running.  Shocking, but it’s true! 🙂  It’s all about finding the right pair of shoes for you.  If you are at the right store, you’ll be able to tell the employee what you like and don’t like about each shoe and they will narrow it down for you.

Tip #4: Try on lots of pairs

When I am trying to decide on a pair of shoes I walk in them, run, do burpees, push ups, jumping jacks, plank and high knees.  Do any kind of exercise you think you might do while trying on your shoes.  Often times I forget to do a plank or push up and then I find out my shoes slip.  Your feet should not feel any pain while you are running.  If something is pinching, your toes to numb or even the heel rubbing means those aren’t the right shoes.  Even when you think you have found the right pair, try on another just to make sure. Don’t forget to inquire about their return policy.  Most stores will take back shoes as long as you don’t wear them outside.

Tip #5: Buy more than one

Different shoes do different things.  After you find and love your first pair, you’ll be itching to get another.  I recommend buying a pair every 6 months or so, so that you always have a newer and older pair.  I have three pairs that I keep in rotation depending on the workout I’m planning on doing.  The more you workout, the more shoes you need and the more often you’ll need to buy them.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, here’s a handy Shoe Adviser by Runner’s World.  If you can’t find a specialty store with knowledgeable staff, maybe give that at try.  Here’s my reviews on the shoes I’ve purchased over the last year and a half.  The were all bought at The Boulder Running Company.


IMG_1529  New Balance 860 V3

Price: $120

Stars: 3 of 5

Current Mileage: 25-50 miles

Overall: Too chunky

This was the very first pair of running shoes I’d ever bought.  When I bought them, I was planning on running the streets and not cross training.  I didn’t really know what I wanted out of my shoes yet.  These shoes have great ankle support and running in them was easy.  However, when I started to branch out in my fitness, these shoes were no longer adequate.  They allow for very little lateral movement. I would not purchase these shoes again.  Even though the have plenty of miles left in them, I haven’t touched them in 9 months. I keep them for an emergency pair.


IMG_1530   Nike Free 3.0

Price: $40 (clearance)

Stars: 4 of 5

Current Mileage: 25-50 miles

Overall: Like

This is the second pair of shoes I bought when BRC opened a new store and had a clearance weekend.  I bought them because they are pink and are much more flexible than my first pair.  Also, the whole shoe is one piece which feels a lot less bulky.  The do not have a ton of ankle support, but my ankles are pretty straight and strong.  If you need strong ankle support, this is not the shoe for you. This is an overall good shoe.  It’s very comfortable and light weight.  It’s also great for cross training as it allows for all directional movement. I usually wear these for boxing. One thing I don’t like: the sole.  The sole of this shoe is multi-directional so that it feels like you’re barefoot.  This feature makes it difficult to balance on a pod or Bosu ball.  They are great for quick runs but not super long distances. Other than that, I love these shoes.


IMG_1528  Nike Flyknit Lunar 2

Price: $150

Stars: 5 of 5

Current Mileage: 100+ miles

Overall: LOVE

This was the first pair of shoes I ever loved!  I’ll be sad when they don’t have any miles left in them.  Here’s why I love this shoe: I totally forget about them.  I never think about this shoe when I’m wearing it.  It’s has the perfect breath-ability, my preferred sole, medium ankle support and is super light weight.  I will be purchasing the latest model when I start marathon training.  It was also just highly rated by Runner’s World in their most recent issue.  They also have great durability.  I have worn these almost everyday for 6 months before I thought about getting another pair. Even with 100+ miles in them, I still think these shoes have quite a bit of life left in them.


IMG_1527   Brooks Ghost 6

Price: $60 (Clearance)

Stars: 4 of 5

Current Mileage: 20 miles

Overall: Like

I purchased these shoes two months ago.  I knew my fave shoes were getting worn and I wanted to start breaking in a new pair for marathon training season.  Although I like these better than the New Balance brand above, they still feel pretty chunky. However, their movement is a lot better.  The sole is VERY grippy which I sometimes love and sometimes hate.  I’m concerned about their durability over time since a few of the nubbs on the sole have already worn off.  Although I don’t forget about them like I do my Flyknits, they are comfortable to run in.

Boxing with DaVarryl

Well it finally happened.  I cried during a workout. I have teared up, wanted to cry and sucked up a tear before but I’ve never full out cried.  Last night was that night.

I arrived at the gym to train with Jameson right after work.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jameson was unable to make it.  So the owner, DaVarryl Williamson absorbed me into his small class.  For those who don’t box or are new to the idea of a trainer, every trainer is different.  The exact same workout with two different trainers can look and feel drastically different.  Each trainer has their own style, has different expectations and demands. I was immediately nervous and anxious not knowing what I was in store for.touchofsleep

He put us on cardio machines, which are all ‘conveniently’ stuck on the highest resistance and intensity possible.  Then we wrapped up our hands and did exercises.  After about a million sit ups and pull ups, he had us get in the ring. I was feeling pretty intimidated already because I couldn’t do the same amount or intensity as the others in class. But I’m pretty comfortable in the ring after a few training sessions with Jameson and was thinking to myself, “I got this.” I soooo did not.


DaVarryl started calling out combination numbers that I wasn’t used to.  It was like Russian to me.  Even after watching the other three in class go first, I couldn’t get it right.  The others in class would whisper what I was supposed to do, I’d practice and then still go up and get it wrong.  The workout was within my fitness level but I felt like I couldn’t do it.  I got more and more frustrated with myself. I felt like everyone was watching me fail. DaVarryl was very patient with me while still demanding I meet expectations.  Even when I turned my back on him, which you are NEVER supposed to do, he didn’t let me quit.  Even when I was crying, he pushed me to do more because he knew I could. The workout was killer and I think I sweat a whole gallon.  But I cried……….Twice.

crying child

I didn’t cry because the work was too hard.  I didn’t cry because I wanted to quit or DaVarryl hurt my feelings.  I didn’t cry because of the pain.  I cried because I felt fat again.

I am not very good at “going with the flow”. (Shocker to all that know me, I know!) I walk into the gym with a certain mindset for what I’m about to do.  Whenever it doesn’t go as planned, I get frustrated and anxious.  So when I couldn’t do what everyone else could do, I felt like I was at the bottom of the class.  It’s been a long time since I felt like I was the worst in any class. I kept thinking everyone else was thinking, “What the hell is she doing here?” “She’s holding up class.” “She’s not fit enough to keep up.” “She’s clearly a beginner.” “She can’t do it.”

Now, a day later, I can see the workout more clearly.  I was the one thinking that.  Who cares what everyone was thinking? The others in class were really helpful.  The girl next to me even said, “It’s okay.  You’re doing great!  Most people have a hard time their first time. Most people puke.” I immediately wanted to punch her in the face because what I heard was “You can’t do this.”  Last night I felt like I was fat and uncoordinated all over again.  I felt frustrated with my body when it was really my mind holding me back.  I was blaming the circumstance when I should have just focused.  I need to stop putting myself in a box where failure equals not being awesome at everything. I SHOULD have really enjoyed the workout with an awesome boxer and teacher, but instead I let me mind take me to a place where I ended up hating it.

Last night showed me, yet again, how much work I still have left to do emotionally.