Here are some real Fitness ideas that I have done throughout my journey and others tried by friends.

WARNING: You should have a physical with your doctor before attempting any new fitness routine to make sure your body is ready and your insides are healthy.  I am not a personal trainer although I think I’m at the gym more than they are.


Walking: Since I live in the heart of Denver, walking everywhere is pretty normal.  If it’s less tWalking-to-Improve-Runninghan a mile (and good weather) I try to walk wherever I’m going.  Walking, although not rigorous, is very good for your health and easy on your body.  Especially if you have a lot of weight to lose, walking is the best way to start.  If you can walk there, DO IT!  I consistently surprise myself on many occasions that I CAN walk that far.  I grew up in Illinois where walking was definitely not the norm.  It might be weird or uncomfortable at first but trust me, walking to a restaurant feels much better (having already burned some of the calories you are about to consume) than driving.  Park far away at the store.  Yes it sucks.  Do it anyway.

You probably won’t get away with walking to burn calories for very long.  Enjoy it while it lasts!  If your starting at ground zero like I was, walking helped me drop pounds in the beginning.  However, now I don’t feel like it adds too much to my fitness level at this point unless I walk all day long or really long distances.




Running:  I used to absolutely hate running.  However, my ‘ideal image’ of a fit person was always a distance runner.  I set my goal to run a half marathon about a year before I even started training.  At first I could only run two blocks without stopping to walk. Slowly over time I built up my endurance to run a 5K.  A lot of people have success with the Zombie 5K app and I’ve had several friends use it successfully.  I started with 5Ks and then 7Ks and then trained myself to go long distances for the marathon.  Being a runner was very important to me.  Luckily my body could handle the relentless stress of running.  For some people, running will just be too much wear and tear on the body.  Remember to listen to your body and rest when you need it!

For those interested in my running schedule/plan, check out the Jeff Galloway Method.


10270686_10101841533723759_7193913757722817397_nHike: We again are very fortunate to live in Colorado where there are tons of hiking trails.  They range from one mile to hundreds of miles and at varying degrees of altitude.  If you live somewhere not as cool as here, I guarantee your local forest reserve, park, or club has trails.  Remember to use bug spray and sunscreen when hiking!  I also find that a cute outfit and shoes helps! If you are hiking with a family, God Bless You!  Hiking is easy to make into all sorts of different games: eye spy, scavenger hunt, who can carry the most sticks or rocks.  Since I don’t have a family I bring a camera, water, and serenade myself to my own huffing and puffing. (Oh and sometimes a little Beyonce)


american-ninja-warrior-nbcPlayground:   We live near the beautiful City Park where there are several playgrounds.  For people with kids, this might be a great tip for you!  Playgrounds are perfect to have some fun and get a little active.  Remember when you were a kid and the monkey bars were awesome and made your mom super nervous? Try doing them now!  I just recently discovered that I can do monkey bars again, although it hurts your hands because well……they aren’t made for adults.  However, a playground is literally a gym if you look at it right.  Have your kids run around it with you.  Try to do everything they can do!  (Yes that includes tube slides where you know some 8 year old peed earlier, BRING HAND SANITIZER) There are competitions that specialize in obstacles like these.  Check out your local Warrior Dash or watch American Warrior Ninja (one of my faves) to see what these people can do.  It’s amazing!


pinterest-logoPinterest: If you don’t already have a pinterest account, you should start one!  Pinterest has all sorts of ideas for quick workouts or workouts for a particular part of your body that you want to work on.  They are usually quick but not so easy.  Get going!




Yoga: I love yoga! Even though I’d rather sweat and sweat and sweat for a workout, I find that yoga helps lengthen and repair my muscles.  I love to do yoga before bed because it helps me relax and shut down for sleeping.  I find that I really miss it when I don’t do it!  I found a routine on Youtube that I liked and have only tried a few others.  I just really like this one! Here’s the routine that I usually do: Bedtime Yoga




gangnstyle-1Dance: Dancing burns a lot of calories quick if you do it right!  Dance with everything you’ve got!  If you have a gaming system, most have a dance game now.  See how many songs you can do in a row or try again and again until you can beat your kid.  This is a fun way to get the whole family involved! (Watching Dirty Dancing although awesome, doesn’t count….)

No Time!!!!!!  Even if you can’t find time to do ANY of the above listed things (you’re fooling yourself) however, there’s an app for that!  The 7 minute workout.  There are several variations for free and they are all roughly the same.  Some will even use your own playlists.  The exercises are scientifically proven to boost your metabolism and burn quick calories.  Try to do as many reps as you can in the time given.  You can do anything for 7 minutes right? My coworker and I would do this during our breaks and we loved the little stress reliever during the day.  Trust me.  You have 7 minutes.



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